Review has been around for quite a while now and counts over 4 million users, but does it really work, or will you be wasting your money?

Well, let me illustrate what Chemistry is all about.

Appearently their system relies on a pretty straight-forward principle: two people are more likely to work as a couple if they share more commonalities to begin with. You may call this ‘chemistry’ and well… chemistry is what relationships are all about.

So does Chemistry actually do a good job at predicting long-lasting, love-filled relationships?

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Will You Find Him Online?

As a love coach, I know quite a lot of couples who met through Chemistry and they all said that even though they didn’t get paired up right away, Chemistry’s system is quite accurate at finding people who you can relate to.

Jenna was one of them, she had been in a relationship for one year with a man she met through Chemistry. She told me: “Despite the fact that I had to go on several dates with guys that didn’t turn out that great, at least I didn’t have to go through the pain of meeting men who were creepy or just plain boring.”

Now since is one of the subjects I get most questions about, I did some investigation on how it works.

I already knew that Dr. Helen Fisher, biological anthropologist, is behind it 100%. I take this as a good start, because she is a world-renowned expert in relationships. She hired a team of experts with experience in the field of love and, together, they worked out a system that sends you matches with whom you’re likely to strike chemistry.

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Fully-Targeted Matches

How does it work?

Well, it’s pretty simple and transparent to all of us. We fill in a profile, which takes about 30 minutes. Some questions are standard, such as what you like or dislike, others are… puzzling. These include things like whether your index finger is longer than your ring finger, or how you’d react in certain situations.

This is probably the main difference between and other websites: these carefully selected questions, the reason for which is not quite obvious, are the ones where the power of the system lies.

So in a nutshell, you chose what you want and then Chemistry gets rid of people who wouldn’t work with you, even if you couldn’t know that unless you got to know them.

Once you have found someone, what is next? seems to provide support to avoid any difficult situation. Through a step-by-step process (just 3 steps), you get to know the other person.

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Maybe You Would Never Have Met Him Otherwise

The first step is getting more personal information about each other that hasn’t been disclosed publically. This is mostly information to assess the relationship potential and includes your job, family priorities, etc. If this works out, you send a few short questions, and so does he. Once you’ve answered each other’s questions, you both get the results. After that, you start free communication.

This system is completely optional and can be bypassed into a quick first meeting right away.

Finally, Chemistry offers a huge amount of resources on dating, including blogs by Chemistry’s experts, such as Dr. Fisher.

On a final note…

Actually, that’s pretty much all I have to say about, hopefully this has been helpful.

However, before I finish I have to say one very important thing: the love of your life could live 50 miles away and you never would have met if you hadn’t given online dating a chance.

It may take a while, but in the end, it will be worth it! Logo


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