Fun First Date Ideas

The success rate of first dates is dramatically affected by the choice of what you will be doing. Here are some fun first date ideas to make sure you can have a good time together.

Yes-yes: Challenge each other, aka ‘the mini-golf’

OK, maybe you don’t want to be fighting already, but a little competition between the two of you will definitely spark things up. The tension will definitely let two of you flirt with each other and joke around.

Bored Couple at the Movies

Some First Date Ideas Are Just Not That Good

No-no: Mute date, aka ‘catching a movie’

If you decide to go to the movie theater, you’re pretty much shooting yourself on the foot. It’s great for teenagers to make out, but that’s as far as it goes.

The real reason you don’t want to go to any show or movie or stage performance is that it is really hard to talk to each other. This is OK if you’re with someone you’re talking to elsewhere, but I’m guessing this is not the case if you’re on a first date.

Yes-yes: Teach me something, aka ‘ice-skater deluxe’

Now this is very interesting. If you have a man teach you something, this means he has ‘invested’ some time in you. This has very important implications. Just because he has taken some time to teach you something, he’ll be more attached to you. He wouldn’t want to lose that effort he put into you.

Be careful though, whatever he teaches you has to be fun, don’t have him teach you math or you might fall asleep…

No-no: Romantic and cheesy, aka ‘dinner the two of us’

Well, this has to be the standard date and yet it is so deeply flawed. Why is dinner so wrong? The thing is, if you’re having dinner with someone you barely know, it puts an enormous amount of pressure on the interaction.

Don’t get me wrong, you shouldn’t be focusing on anything but your date, but you need something that moves things forward. There has to be a distraction.

Besides, if neither of you is great at talking, even though silences are good, especially at the end of the night, if there’s too much silence, you can end up doing fluff talk, which will make the two of you feel awkward.

Your Date Could Turn Out to Be a Lot of Fun

Yes-yes: Walking and looking, aka ‘the street fair’

This is just a great thing to do. Studies show that people who are walking are much less socially inhibited, so just because you’re walking you two will definitely feel more open with each other.

Since you can’t just say “let’s walk”, a street fair or market is a great place to meet. Amusement parks are great too, and lots of fun. These places also have a built-in, endless amount of distractions so that you have stuff to do.

No-no: Anything too social, aka ‘hanging out with friends’

There are two reasons this isn’t a good idea. First, you can’t really focus on each other enough, so your date may not be a date but rather plain socializing. Besides, if any of you is not social enough, being with the other person’s friends could feel intimidating. If you go with common friends, you might not have enough privacy when you need it.

Well, I sure hope these fun first date tips save you from making some mistakes. If you need more information on what to do on first dates, be sure to check ‘The Woman Men Adore… and Never Want to Leave’, which contains heaps of advice on dating.

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