How to Be Attractive to Men

Being attractive is not something you’re necessarily born into. Most people think either you got it or you don’t, but this is far from being true. If you play well your cards, you too can turn into a woman that is very attractive to men.

First of all, let’s start with what will make you physically attractive, since it’s the first that probably popped in your mind.

Woman Running

A Little Jog Can Go a Long Way

To look attractive, you have to be a healthy woman, that is, you have to take good care of yourself. This will take some work, but it’s what really can make a difference between catching his attention or not.

I strongly recommend that you take a honest look at yourself. See what your needs are. If you need to lose a few pounds, make sure you eat a little less. Try replacing rice and pasta with salad for starters. Make sure you start small, because if you set goals that are too far away, you will have to make too many changes and you won’t be able to make it. Once you start seeing progress, it will encourage you to go on.

Also, make sure you exercise, even if you’re already at your optimal weight. After you hit that weight, don’t go back to your old habits, keep eating healthy and exercising!

Well, now I have to make a point on hygiene here. I’m sure you have good habits in this field. However, there’s two things that I have to remind you to take good care of.

One of them would be your scent. You can stand out from other girls by smelling good. Smelling good isn’t just being clean, but also using some nice perfume and some product in your hair to give it that edge over everyone else.

The other thing I need to mention would be your skin. It is very important that you take good care of it. I recommend that you wash it in the morning and before going to sleep with some special cleanser, and then moisturize. If this isn’t enough to keep it clear, go talk to a dermatologist for some professional advice.

Woman with Make-Up and Perfume

It’s Not That Hard to Make Yourself the Woman Men Worship

On top of this, don’t forget to play your best cards. Maybe you have fantastic hair, beautiful lips, or whatever. Make sure these stand out, as they’re the first thing people should notice when they look at you.

Style is another biggie: you have to get it right to be attractive to men.

Make sure you get the right haircut. Sometimes it’s worth to pay more and have it done by someone who not only knows how to cut hair, but rather knows how you should be cutting your hair.

Finding the right make-up for every moment is another challenge you should be ready to accept. Think of where you’re going before putting it on, so that you know how much and what kind you should be using.

Finally make sure you always wear something that makes you stand out. Sometimes this could be some necklace or cute earrings, simply something people can complement you on and that will catch guys’ attention.

(This is part one of a two-part article; click here for part two on ‘How to Attract Men’)

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