How to Get Your Boyfriend Back

(This is part two of a two-part article; click here for part one on ‘How to Get Your Ex Back’)

Once you’re good friends again, it’s time bring up those old feelings. You don’t want to do it directly, because it’ll feel like confrontation (aka begging).

Girl Talking to Guy Laughing

Play It Like He’s a Friend Who Knows You Well

Your best option is to make something together that is casual. Don’t force yourself onto your ex-boyfriend just yet. You could plan to hang out with him and a friend and (what a shame!) your friend cancels at the last minute.

If you feel comfortable around each other, you can start feeling him saying things like: “This is nice; it reminds me of the old times.” If he is not freaked out, it means he’s considering getting back together.

After this step, you want to make him, because he is your ex-boyfriend, feel special, unlike other guys. Make sure you ask him for advice if you need it, because “he knows you better than anyone else”. If this is going great, start telling him personal stuff, because, well, “he understands you”.

Now, if you’ve gotten this far, you’re almost ready to get back together. Start letting him know that you think of him. If he’s OK with it (not freaked out), you’re done here. Just find the right occasion and kiss your boyfriend… beautiful.

However, it might not have been that smooth along the way, so I’ll give you some small tricks you can use to speed up the process of getting your boyfriend back.

The first one is to get a makeover.

I know, I know, I said get back to being who you were when you met him. But maybe he does not  want the same thing he wanted back in the day, especially if you think you broke up because he thought your relationship lacked variance.

Girl Flirting to Make Guy Jealous

A Little Jealousy Never Hurt Anyone

So make sure you have an idea of what he’s looking for (don’t worry, it won’t be that far from what he wanted before). Look your best!

One more weapon you can use to get back your ex-boyfriend, which will definitely make him want to go back together, is jealousy. If he harbors feelings for you, you will most definitely arouse them if he sees you with another guy.

Now he doesn’t have to see you making out with them (actually that wouldn’t be good either… he’ll think you’re a slut). He should see you having fun, distracted, not being needy. If you combine this with an attitude of showing that you still show that you enjoy his company, he’ll feel very attracted to you.

However, and this is very, very important: never, ever, hit on his friends. This will piss him off and make him hate you. Don’t say you weren’t warned!

This was a very brief guide on how to get your boyfriend back. If you’re looking for more information, you will definitely want to check out ‘Get Him Back Forever’, which contains a much more in-depth approach to cover the areas this small article can’t reach.

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