How to Make a Guy Jealous

Making a guy jealous is one of the best ways to get him head over heels for you. However, it is by no means a simple task. With the help of these tips though, you will be able to make him jealous in no time!

First of all, I have to warn you. You have to be careful with what you do. If a guy senses that you are deliberately trying to trick him into being jealous, it will have the opposite effect. On top of that, if you go too extreme, he could sense it as a lack of interest and be turned off by it. Make sure you calibrate and feel his reactions to plan your next move.

I know this may have sounded like it’s going to take a lot of hard work, but actually once you get the idea, it’s easy. What you have to do is basically make him realize that he’s not the only man in your life.

Girl Flirting to Make Guy Jealous

Flirt with other Guys and Drive Him Crazy

Now, how can you do this? Well, there’s many things you can do.

For example, when you are both talking, you can mention other guys. This is straight-forward, but what is really important here is what you’re saying about them. By the way, notice how I say ‘guys’ and ‘them’. Do not talk about one single other guy or he’ll think you like him.

When talking about other men, it is good to say things you like about them, but I would only recommend making references to physical traits (huge biceps, whatever) rather than personality traits (funny, sensitive, etc.) because it plays more with his insecurities and less with his emotions.

To make what you say more credible, make sure you talk to other guys and, while you’re at it, flirt with them too. You should be quite touchy, because if he sees this, it’ll drive him nuts! For instance, when you see a guy friend, give him a hug or a kiss (on the cheek!). Don’t forget to act them same way with him, or he’ll feel like you’re ignoring him on purpose.

Wanna Make Him Jealous?

By the way, since we’re talking about ignoring him… don’t be try-hard! There’s no reason to avoid him, but he’s got to understand that with so many guys in your life, you can’t forget about them when he’s around. So if you’re not alone, don’t focus on him, but rather on everyone else.

Now, I have to make one last very important point.

All I have told you here works wonders, but first he has to like you. You cannot make jealous someone who’s not even interested in you to begin with! On top of that, the other guys must be interested in you too.

This is key, so don’t forget that before you start to work on making him jealous, you already have other guys looking at you.

Since this is outside the scope of this article, I would recommend you check out ‘The Woman Men Adore… and Never Want to Leave’, which contains a lot of ideas and tips on how to get to that stage.

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