Make Him Fall in Love with You

So you want to make him fall in love with you. Love at first sight is not common; it develops over time. Through my years of experience as a love coach, I have seen several patterns that appear to take place at the beginning of all relationships. By following them, you can potentially make him fall in love with you.

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Would You Like to Be the Woman He Dreams of?

  1. First off, you should know that men are attracted to you physically and later on emotionally. This doesn’t mean that you have to be a diva queen. However, you will want to look your best so that he lays eyes on you.
    While you work on your physique, try to find out what type of girl he likes, so that you can look as attractive to him as possible. You can use social networks and common friends to get that information.
  2. While you find out that, you will also want see what stuff he’s into. Does he like sports? If so, which sports? Does he like the beach? Etc. Once you know this, research the field to have a get some conversation ideas.
    That way there will be topics the two of you can discuss. If he enjoys the conversation, he will enjoy being with you. And guess what? That’s where the loving starts. But wait… we’re not there yet!
  3. So if you don’t know each other that well now’s the time to start talking to each other. If you have common friends, have them introduce you. If you don’t, just smile at him and introduce yourself. Remember: if you want to make him to fall in love with you, you have to be confident!
  4. Now that you two know each other, you should make contact whenever you see him. The more often you talk, even if it’s only saying hi-goodbye, the more he’ll feel he knows you.
    Studies show that people who have met at more than three different places trust each other 75% more than people who see each other only at one place. So in order to make him fall in love with you, make sure you see him not only at school, your workplace, or wherever you met him.
  5. Once there’s some trust going on, it will feel natural to ask him for his Facebook and email.
    Make sure you have an account on as many instant messaging networks as you can. That way you’ll be able to talk to him through MSN, AIM, Google Talk, Blackberry Messenger or whatever service he uses.
  6. Now it’s time talk for a while: act natural and charming. Remember that you should never criticize or complain, because it only has a negative effect. You should keep pushing and pulling: you tease him whenever he shows interest, but at the same time make him feel special. Don’t take it too far either: don’t reject him, and don’t sound needy!
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Your Love Story Can Have a Happy Ending

For much more advice on this subject, I strongly recommend that you read ‘The Woman Men Adore… and Never Want to Leave’, which is currently the most cutting-edge source of information on this subject.

Go make him fall in love with you!

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  1. Katy
    April 27, 2010 | 9:21 am

    Sheila, I love you… seriously, you’re awesome!

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