What Do Men Want in a Woman?

I have to say one thing: this is a million-dollar question. The only possible answer to “What do men want in a woman?” is that there is no such thing as one answer.

Then: why write this article?

Well, while I couldn’t possible make a ten-bullet-point list of characteristics here, it is possible to consider find a few commonalities.

Confident Woman

Confidence Is Your Most Powerful Tool

First of all, men crave confidence in a woman. I mean, if there’s something that’s got to be the biggest turn on for a man, it’s a woman’s confidence. You have to believe that you are what he is looking for, you have to believe you are pretty and you have to believe you’re smart.

If men sense insecurity in you, it’s going to drive them away. It doesn’t matter how physically attractive you are, you can’t build a relationship if you lack confidence, because a man couldn’t possibly trust a woman who doesn’t trust herself.

OK, so that being said, there’s a little extra point I’d like to make: men love being in control of the situation. What does this mean? Well, you have to let go and let him drive the interaction.

This works on a very basic level: by letting him be “the man”, you are feeding his ego, which makes him feel good around you. It doesn’t mean you can’t choose to do anything, you only have to create the illusion that he’s the one who has the ultimate word.

So how do you do that then? When you two first meet, he’s the one who has to shift forward in the interaction. Men fear women who come up too strong, so you don’t want to creep him out. Now, what if he was a bit too slow for your pace? No problem, you just have to tell him to move forward.

For instance, say you’re both alone talking about movies and you want him to kiss you already. You could say something like: “You know, this may sound funny to you, but right now I feel like that moment in the movie where the good guy and the girl finally get a chance to kiss.” You haven’t taken action, but now you’ve basically told him to kiss you.

What else do men want in a woman?

Woman Ready to Flirt

Make Sure You Look Sexy for Him

Obviously I couldn’t forget to say this: they want their girl to be sexy. There is no point in denying this. Again, what does it mean? Well, I can tell you that it does not mean you have to win a beauty contest to qualify. Different men find find different women attractive, because they are attracted to different qualities.

What it does mean is that you have to make an effort to look your best. Maybe the clothes you’re wearing don’t fit you right. Maybe you’re not wearing enough make-up, maybe you’re wearing too much. Perhaps you need to lose a few pounds, you may need to try a new haircut. The point is with a few minor changes in your look will have a major impact.

Now I have used the word ‘sexy’ here, but sexy doesn’t mean tramp. It is very important that you remember this, because looking trampy will make you lose their respect. So make sure you look decent before you go out.

Well, I could go on about talking about what men want in a woman, but I think this is a basic overlook of what you need to know. You can check out ‘The Woman Men Adore… and Never Want to Leave’, which contains a lot more information on this subject.

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