Where to Meet Single Men

You often hear women complaining about how all good guys are taken already, but this is far from being true. Their problem is they don’t where to meet single men!

Here is a quick list of the best places to meet guys:

Woman Flirting with Man at Work

You See Him Every Day, Make a Move!


Now, this has to be the place where men are most accessible.

Maybe you’re seeing that cute guy every day and you’re wondering why you haven’t talked to him yet. Just have lunch next to him and start chatting… what a coincidence!

Or perhaps you talk to this other guy every day and you are wondering whether he’s your type. Go for drinks after work!

Through Mutual Friends

Well, this is probably the most common way to meet men. Besides, since these men are trusted by people you trust, you already know a lot about them.

If you need any help, just try asking the person who introduced the two of you about the other person!

Running Errands

You have to realize that whenever you get out of your house, you’re given the chance to meet single men. It may be hard to picture yourself approaching a guy you never talked to, but it’s actually very simple. Just ask them their opinion on something relevant to the context you’re in, and if they’re interested they will want to talk to you.

For example, imagine you’re at a book store. Just stand close to him, pick a book you’ve seen pick before, and tell him you were considering buying it but you aren’t sure, so why did he pick it.

At Clubs, Guys Just Want to Get to Know You!


Clubs are just packed with single guys!

The only thing you have to do is stand close to where they are, give them some eye contact, smile and they’ll be dying to meet you! Maybe not all of them will approach you (some guys are shy), so just go over with your friends, engage their group and soon the two of you will be together.


Last but not least! Honestly I can’t stress enough the fact that online dating is currently the most effective way to get to meet single men who are actually compatible with you.

You can tell a lot from a man just by reading his profile, which is a huge advantage because you already know whether you’re interested in him without even having to make the effort of getting to know him.

I have written a couple of reviews on dating websites, so if you’re not sure about them, you can check out my eHarmony Review and my Chemistry.com Review.

Finally, I’d like to say that meeting the perfect man may take some time, just keep looking in the right places and you’ll find him.

If you want a lot more information on where to meet single men, have a look at ‘Catch Him and Keep Him’, which covers the subject in depth.

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